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Graphic Works

My ever-expanding graphic design services include branding design (brochure, flyer, social media template, etc.), packaging design, illustrations, booklet design, t-shirt graphics, infographic posters, web design, mural arts, etc.

Having served clients from different sectors and industries, my design style is versatile and accommodating to meet different clients' needs. Talk to me if you are looking for creative solutions to your brand/product or even your personal branding!

The Logo Repository

Designing a logo is always an exciting, inquisitive journey. It should be a sophisticated process, where your ambitions, hopes, dreams, mission, and vision are being received through undivided attention so that they could be 'reduced' to a pure, simple form, that encapsulates all your brand's motives.  

I love listening to stories and believe that every brand's story is unique. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to logo design! Sometimes I come up with questions for clients, for them to reflect on, and together, we shape the brand's identity.


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