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Ether Butter

I am working on building an archive of enlightening stories through reading the Akashic Records - Ether Butter, a safe space, a platform for me to document and share inspiring messages and stories via illustration, and to empower self-exploration.

There are many sayings about the Akashic records: the cloud drive of the Universe, which records every single event of everyone in every life. It is like an invisible field of information around us. As long as you bring with you kind intention and unconditional love, you will be able to access the records. 


Why Ether Butter?
You may ask.

It's a metaphor for the process of retrieving messages. I am picturing these invisible, buttery cubes of condensed information, emotions floating around us in ether realm, waiting for us to pick them up.

So what do I do after capturing these ether butter cubes? Let’s unpack emotions, and information in a safe space, so that they can be acknowledged and addressed. (and I am picturing myself spreading these butter cubes to toasts for my clients)

"So be a conscious toast!"

An inward-looking journey is
a journey back to the Universe.

Being an astronomer is my childhood dream. I was 8 years old the first time I read about ether. Although I couldn't do stargazing as a profession, I managed to access the etheric information field (aka Akashic records). I am very grateful for being able to be cognizant of spirituality knowledge at a very young age.


Over the years, I am still infatuated with cosmology and was thrilled to see the intersection of science and spirituality, is merely a shift of thought. Here to share with you the love and wisdom of the Universe. Namaste!

I'm a certified Akashic Record Reader since 2022. Check out the documentation of some interesting stories from my reading, or book for a consultation! 

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