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Kinaki Mich



Master in City Resilience Design & Management,

Universitat Internacional Catalunya Barcelona,Class of 2019

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Architecture,

Taylor's University, Class of 2015



Cofounder of Duduk Rumah Artists

Project Leader of Time to Rice

Ex-Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD) Malaysia


• Residence Artist at Villa Capri, Mallorca (2023)

• Corporate Training Trainer:

Road to Sustainability: Getting to know ESG, ESG series for Accountants & Financial Professionals (2022)

100 Youth Ambassadors for Climate Action(2021)

• IAAC Delegate and simultaneous interpreter for Shenzhen Town planners (2019)


• Design for Vulnerable: Architecture, Infrastructure, Security and Urban Planning Roundtable (2022)

• Healthcare Sustainability Program Summit(2022)

• Green Architecture Symposium - ‘Vision 2050 for Our Living spaces’ (2022)

• City Expo Malaysia -‘Vision 2050 for Our Cities’(2021)

• Shah Alam City Forum ‘The Key of Sustainable Urban Transportation: The First and Last Mile’(2021)

• Podcast interview - Collaborative Community Resilience: Urban Mobility for All (2021)

• REFSA Youth roundtable on Post COVID-19 Urbanism (2020)

• Organizer & Speaker at Co-creating Roadmaps towards Sustainable Urban Mobility’ Networking Event, Malaysia Urban Forum (2020)

• Bengkel Buluh: Kesedaran dan Kemahiran Struktur Kental untuk Menghadapi Banjir (2015)





Trained as an architectural & urban designer, my childhood dream was never about fancy buildings, but arts, cosmology, and literature. Having these unfulfilled dreams, I always strive to integrate my different interests into my creation. But there's one thing that hasn't changed - the love of bringing people together and building more inclusive and equitable societies. 

I bring with me the most valuable skill sets from architecture school - design thinking and problem solving, and gradually expanding my work scope in different areas: disaster risk reduction, sustainable urban mobility, corporate sustainability, and climate actions. I did not choose this path in the first place, but it turns out to be the less taken, scenery path that allowed me to embark on a lifelong journey of constantly learning about the world. 

And that is where I see my strength and interests converge - With my professional experiences transcending multiple disciplines, coupled with my core skills, I am designed to fill in the gaps, to be the broker that holds and binds creative minds from different fields together. 

The extroverted intuitive side of me is ideally suited for the role of strategist/consultant that provides creative solutions, while the introverted side of me enjoys research, writing, and creating arts. Project management comes as one of my core skills, as I am a goal-oriented person, who likes efficiency, at the same time values stakeholder engagement.

My vision is to raise collective awareness and responsibilities toward our built environment and to create healthy, safe, and inclusive cities for all!


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