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Selected Works


Year: 2020
Featured in the Tracing Latencies Hybrid Exhibition, Goethe-Institut Singapore (2021)
Grand Prize for Culture | Smart City Connections: Open Call (2021)
1st Runner-up in Futures Thinking & Strategic Planning for Imagine The World Anew: Malaysian Youth Open Call (2021)
Selected works for 'Design for Living' Publication by Actar Publishers

(KO)llective-(MO)bile-(RE)sponsive-(BI)omimicry is an artwork to illustrate an idea of a public-funded, common good that rotates around in the city, providing a fair chance to everyone to utilize it, where it could be a system that uses air space and deployed to different places on a rotation basis to avoid gentrification.

Solarpunk Convenience Store

Year: 2020
Location: AYE Smart Store

- Interior Design for an Autonomous Convenience Store
An unconventional design for the first AI-powered Autonomous Convenience Store in Malaysia. Bespoke round-edge furniture in bright orange color, paired with cold white backdrop to give a futuristic outlook to the high-tech convenience store. 

Nova Genesis

Year: 2014
Selected site: Mars

- Submission for UIA-HYP cup
Earth is damaged, but imagine we have a second chance.
Vital Resources on earth are at a dangerous minimum, overpopulation is a real issue and despite humanity’s best efforts, the harm we’ve caused is irreversible.

With the amount of investment put into exploring mars, an inevitable solution to continue our survival is to colonize the red planet. It may take several thousand years at best to completely terraform mars and create a suitable, safe, and healthy atmosphere. But at the pace technology is advancing, it may not be too long before we can live, contained within completely self-sustaining biomes. 

The Bricklane

Year: 2017
Location: T6 Light Grey, Sungai Buloh
- Tactical Urbanism Placemaking project
The Bricklane is an experimental urban revitalization project, with tactical urbanism elements. It was previously a dilapidated back lane in an industrial area. It is then lit up and painted with floor and pastel wall murals, and balloons are installed occasionally to enhance the vibrant atmosphere. Different activities such as silent discos, outdoor exhibitions, and markets are also incorporated into this beautiful back lane. This initiative is to spread awareness to the public where back lanes can be useful public spaces if it is well maintained and activated.
It is meant to be a safe and inclusive space for all.    

An Ice-cream Dystopia

Year: 2017
Location: Lightbox, Sungai Buloh
- Art Installation for The Between City and Stars Light Art Festival
Pastel-colored, childlike wonder against the rustic, industrial backdrop; the ice-cream 'crime scene' was made of everyday objects - traffic cones, rubber balls, and lightbulbs. A fun juxtaposition of contradicting elements, of how utilitarian objects could translate their purpose in an imaginary world.  

The rhythm of the rain

Year: 2017
Location: Lightbox, Sungai Buloh
- Art Installation for The Between City and Stars Light Art Festival
"Oh, listen to the falling rain 
Pitter-patter, pitter-patter..." 

A song that evoked my childhood memories inspired this installation work, where I listened to my own playing using the headphone as I played the electric organ, that headphone seems to have a whole universe in it. Against the starry backdrop, the floating, transparent umbrellas are surrounded by coherent raindrops, capturing a subtle moment in time. 

Rustic Oasis

Year: 2018
Location: T6 Light Grey, Sungai Buloh
- Interior Design for Stellar World Office
Lightbox Office.png
Housing 30 employees with different departments, the office adopted an open plan with each department lining around the perimeter. The design concept revolves around rustic, minimalism, with a tint of greens. Old furniture has been modified and repurposed as benches in communal spaces. With the common areas at the center, the visual continuity promotes an open, transparent and liberal atmosphere.
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