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The National Conference on Sustainable Development, ESG NXT

It's a wrap! The ESG NXT conference has gathered over 150+ delegates. More than 60 subject matter experts from Malaysia and the region have shared with us valuable insights on businesses’ actions needed to accelerate the system transformations necessary for a netzero, nature positive, and more equitable future.

One thing I am incredibly proud of is the program and stellar line-up I've put together with Roberto Benetello. The conference aims to foster meaningful interdisciplinary discussions and provide multi-dimensional perspectives on sustainability’s critical issues and “how-to” solutions, hence instead of focusing on a particular industry, the conference is sui generis, covering 4 tracks: Built Environment, Transport & Mobility; Energy & Decarbonization; Food & Agriculture, Health & Wellbeing; Products & Materials.

I felt incredibly touched when I overheard the experts catching up with each other to discuss cross-sector collaborations, ultimately, this is what BCSD Malaysia wishes to provide, an action-oriented, collaboration and advocacy platform. Knowing that it does not end here, and in fact breeding more collaborations and synergies, made me feel accomplished!

Throughout the programme curation process, I've recalled a paper written by Ralf Brand and Andrew Karvonen on 'The ecosystem of expertise', the model consists of:

(i) The outreach expert who communicates effectively to non-experts

(ii) The interdisciplinary expert who understands the overlaps of neighboring technical disciplines

(iii) The meta-expert who brokers the multiple claims of relevance between different forms of expertise

(iv) The civic expert who engages in democratic discourse with non-experts and experts alike.

(read the full article here)

One of the challenges we are facing today is that there are different niches that need to be filled–and no one can fill all of them. Moving forward, the goal is to understand better our roles and strengths, empower others to do the same, and complement each other, to create an enabling environment to advance our sustainability goals.

I am delighted to have been given full trust, to play a matchmaker role, and to have a first-hand experience of what a "meta-expert" could do! This would not have come true without the support of BCSD Malaysia, Roberto Benetello, Savita Saravanan, Anisa Huda, Geetha Veerasamy, and colleagues from The Knowledge Group.

Once again, thanks to all our esteemed speakers, who came all the way from different parts of the world to support the #ESGNXT conference! It is a great pleasure to meet and learn from all of you!

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