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Signing MOU with the PPD officers and inspiring more 'Nasi Lemak Warriors' from Sabah!

We are happy to see that Time to Rice has inspired the teachers from the Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah (PPD) Kota Kinabalu, and led to an extension project “Pendekar Nasi Lemak” (Nasi Lemak Warriors), which focuses on the Problem-based learning approach in addressing food waste issues.

On top of that, together with the officers from PPD Beluran, we have explored multiple avenues Time to Rice Gamification canvas can be applied, especially in the #STEM subjects.

We are honored to have Puan Doreen, deputy officer of PPD Kota Kinabalu’s presence in the MoU signing session 😀 we look forward to sharing with you the outcomes of the “Pendekar Nasi Lemak” programme! 😊

Truly moved by the dedicated teachers, and am excited to see more uptakes for #gamification learning in the classroom!


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