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Podcast Interview: Discovery of Resilience (KL Design Festival 2022)

I am glad to be part of the Kuala Lumpur Design Festival: DISCOVERY OF RESILIENCE, organized by #PAMNXT of [PAM] Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia - Malaysian Institute of Architects. Thank you Gary Yeow (ProjectXYZ) for having me in the #ResiliencePodcast Series!

Coincidentally, 4 out of 6 of the speakers are from Time To Rice! Each of us shared insights from different aspects of resilience, and my focus was on urban resilience and why understanding it is essential in creating a livable city and improving our quality of life.

I did City Resilience Design and Management for my Master's degree. During that time, we spent a considerable amount of time unpacking #urbanresilience, what it entails, and its implications for complex urban systems. In this episode, I am sharing a few characteristics of a resilient city, and highlighting some aspects we may overlook when designing for #resiliency.

Check out the full episode here:


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