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MUF: Co-creating Roadmaps towards Sustainable Urban Mobility

It's a wrap! - [Co-creating Roadmaps Towards Sustainable Urban Mobility] Networking Event is a youth-led initiative by a group of young architects, designers, urbanists, and artists on a voluntary basis, who wish to engage in a collective effort to crowd-source urban mobility solutions.

Thank you Malaysia Urban Forum and URBANICE MALAYSIA for the opportunities! For the first time we held cross-disciplinary discussions among the stakeholders and with the help of graphic mindmaps, it makes the discussion even more fun!

Trying to solve a systemic problem isn't easy, in my opinion, cultivating an enabling environment for conversations is the first step! We're glad that all our participants have been actively contributing their ideas and thoughts in mobility in Malaysia!

Thanks to my amazing team- a group of young architects, artists, urbanists who wish to engage in a collective effort to improve the urban mobility situation in Malaysia - All of them are doing it on a voluntary basis! Thank you so much for making this happen!


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