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KOMOREBI -1st runner up for “Imagine the World Anew: A Call for Youth Voices on COVID-19 in Malaysia

In 2050, it is projected that 90% of Malaysians will be living in cities.

By 2050, how can we provide essential, activated public space in an accessible and equitable manner, with the limitations of ground space?

KOMOREBI: (KO)LLECTIVE - (MO)BILE - (RE)SPONSIVE - (BI)OMIMICRY, designed by me, Queenie Wong, and Haziq Ariffin, KOMOREBI is a response to current and future challenges like over development, scarcity of Accessible Greenspace, and green gentrification.

We are grateful that KOMOREBI has been awarded as the 1st runner up for “Imagine the World Anew: A Call for Youth Voices on COVID-19 in Malaysia” under the Futures Thinking & Strategic Planning (Future of Health) track, where we highlighted the need of Public Health intervention in Urban Planning, to elevate the Quality of life for the citizens.

It is also one of the selected projects from the 8th Advanced Architecture Contest, for the publication Design for Living: Global Contest to Rethink Our Habitat from the Body to the City, published by Actar.

While we explore innovative technologies to address the future challenges, we wish that the KO-MO-RE-BI could provide a vision for reimagining our cities’ future, and shed light on policy planning for dynamic management of existing street spaces and open spaces: ensure its accessibility, walkability, engagement, and provision of green for an accessible, equitable and inclusive urban life.


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