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Healthcare Sustainability Program Summit 2022: JOM RECYCLE

It was definitely a memorable experience for me to speak at the Healthcare Sustainability Program Summit 2022, organized by KKM Sabah and Hospital Beaufort.

This time, I am sharing one of our flagship projects in BCSD Malaysia, the 'Plastics Recycling from Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) Home Patients'. I've enjoyed working on this multistakeholder project, it is very motivating when you see passionate people from different sectors, coming together and working on environmental causes, for our common future.

Kudos to our working group, and all the supportive health care professionals! We hope that our pilot project for this Extended Producer Responsibility program, starting from the healthcare sector, could create more ripples, and inspire more businesses, and organizations to join us in this circular transition!

P/s: I hope I will get another chance to explore public health intervention in urban design next time! :D


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