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Green Architecture Symposium: Vision 2050 for our Cities and Living Spaces

It's truly an honor to speak at the Green Architecture Symposium (GAS) (though virtually!) and share about WBCSD Vision2050 for Cities and Livingspaces!

There's a quote: "An architect knows something about everything."

Coming from an architecture background, I took pride in that. However, I realized that I have not attained a holistic perspective for sustainability until I further studied urban resilience for my Master's degree - which allowed me to see the deeper connections of urban systems that have revealed the intrinsic issues. Furthermore, working in BCSD Malaysia has also unlocked a macro perspective for me to look at sustainable development, which also comprises human rights, circular economy, reporting and governance, etc.

Hence I think, we would need to zoom out a little to understand what does sustainable development truly encompasses, and how we could translate that into actionable items for businesses and organizations, to carry it out in our expertise areas.

In my sharing, I have highlighted the need for systems transformation, and along with the key transition areas, there are 2 messages that I would like to share again:

1. To build cities for people, it is important to explore more public health intervention in urban design. We would need more multidisciplinary collaborations on this, at different scales.

2. To ensure a just transition. Issues like green gentrification, social inequalities, though they are not an intended outcome, have to be accounted for in the planning process.

Not to forget Climate Change, the challenge all humankind is facing! I hope that we all could play an active role in this transition, to a more sustainable world!

Thank you again, Aemulus Corporation Sdn Bhd for organizing this meaningful event, and for having me!


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