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Closing Ceremony at IGEM 2021: Communicating Science for Climate Action


Knowing that #gamification could be one of the effective ways for the public to engage, learn, and contribute to #ClimateAction!

We often get this question - Why are you guys doing this?

First, we are Malaysians, and we take pride in our national dishes Nasi Lemak. Knowing that Climate Change could trigger Food security - the possible reduction in rice production, fish stock, and egg production due to heavy precipitation, flood, temperature rise, ocean warming, and heat stress in chickens, it is possible that we might not be able to have our beloved Nasi Lemak ever again!

Second, we are Global Citizens, we understand that Climate Change is a real issue, and all of us have a shared responsibility for this, and so we are doing our part, with what we are good at! Our multidisciplinary team ranging from food security policy advocators, architectural designers, educators, to journalists and researchers brings together passion and expertise in translating complex scientific understanding into the public sphere with a creative, action oriented approach.

The result - I must say it is definitely worth our 14 weekends in developing this cocreation and gamification toolkit, and I am really proud of our work!

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