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AMSIB Challenge: Innovative, Sustainable M-commerce Business Case

I had the privilege to be one of the preliminary round judges for the AMSIB Challenge.

AMSIB Challenge is a case study competition organized by Association of Malaysian Students in Beijing (AMSIB) registered under Education Malaysia Beijing. Over the weekends, we have witnessed many interesting, innovative #Mcommerce ideas and proposals for the preliminary round. Some of them have highlighted extensively the #sustainability aspects of their business proposals, which is very encouraging!

I am going to share with you one of my favorite entries - from the team #Belite. It consists of a business plan to transform the religious goods supplies, which I find extremely intriguing and thought-provoking. For example, they proposed a Commemorative Holobox using holographic projection technology and a real-time information transfer function. They also suggested using virtual reality to create life scenes with deceased relatives, to fulfill the user's wish to see and hear their deceased relatives again.

As I gained more environmental awareness, at some point in my life, I started questioning myself if it is necessary for us to burn joss sticks and kim zua (joss paper) for the ritual ceremony, most of the time I abide with a sense of guilt because it is part of our cultural identity and a tradition that we have the obligations to pass down.

This brilliant idea caught my eye, of how we could leverage technology to do good to our environment, without abandoning our tradition, and even integrated a more personal user experience into it! I am not yet a fan of Metaverse, but if it is with this concept, I would definitely sign up for that to have a coffee with Albert Einstein! 🤓


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