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100 Youth Climate Action Ambassadors: Think Global, Act Local!

Proud to be the first batch of the #Youth#ClimateAction Ambassadors, together with Queenie Wong Shenyi Chua and Vinesh Sinha Thank you YB Rajiv Rishyakaran for starting this initiative!

I am joining this programme to deliver a message: No amount of effort is too small, if there is a will, there is a way 💪

The impacts of climate change are closely linked to our wellbeing, as well as livelihood and food systems.

However, knowledge itself is not enough, empowerment is the catalyst. We have to know that each of us is able to DO SOMETHING about it.

It could be just as simple as be mindful of your carbon footprint. Changes can start by small actions and every actions count! And if you are willing to, inspire people around you to make some changes as well!

(Eg.: Make informed decisions in your daily purchase/consumptions)

(Eg.: Integrate sustainability approaches in workplace, and influence your coworkers to do the same as well)

(Eg.: Start a casual conversation, discussion about climate change among your peers)


I believe that we all could contribute something in our own ways. Sharing one of my favorite quotes from Robert Swan: “We don’t inherit time now from our parents, we kind of borrow it from people not born yet.” Time to act!


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